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We are Lendwings Consults; we craft your ideas into something lucrative and productive for your organization. We’ve been able to work with organisations to help them attain their goals. 

What we do

Below is a summary of the services we offer at LWC. As it is with a every thriving organization, we keep on adding to the list of the services we offer to our clients. Majority of these services are custom built to suite the needs of the client.


UX Research

Our trained user experience experts will work with you on various areas of your business that you would like to present to the online community. We look at it from the user’s perspective and channel our efforts to make his/her experience stress-free.


Brand Identity

How do you distinguish yourself from the rest in a crowded market? At LWC, our goal is to project your business far beyond the colors and decorations to embed a message of excellence and competence in the hearts of your clients.

Web Development

We develop websites for any size of business. Whether you’re just starting or looking at re-branding your site, LWC have you covered. Our team of developers possess the ability to deliver big projects in time.

Business Strategy

We can help you take a profitable position in your niche to attain your business objectives or goals. Coming from a business background, our team of business experts will discuss your expectations with you and draw out outlines to help you attain these goals.

Graphic Design

Covey your messages concisely via images. Be it logos, letterhead and much more, we’ll be able to encrypt your unique identity in it and send it across thousands of people.

Digital Marketing

Join thousands of other companies like yours online to promote your services or products. Reach a larger number of people per time than you will on a normal business day. That’s what LWC will help you achieve with our digital marketing package.


Our clients consider LWC to be a place of transformation. A place where ideas meet reality. The statistics below speak for themselves.


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects


Why we are different

It is said a carpenter who has only hammer as a tool sees nail in every situation. At LWC, we try to see the peculiarity of every situation. We also understand that our clients have their unique needs or expectations. So we build or develop our solution around this factoring into place among other things excellence.

The phrase “they’re different” could be heard among our community of clients. 

Our Latest Work

These are randomly picked from the works we’ve done over time.

Skill sET

Basically, we go to work with the following tools to help us get things done. Expect to see more skills added to this list as we have adventerous people on our team.

This is not a complete list of tools we possess at LWC. You’ll agree with us that this space will be too small for a team of 18 to list out all their skill set. Many of such skills are manifested during project planning, execution, and implementation.

  • Laravel – 90%
  • Graphic Design – 75%
  • UX Research – 77%
  • UI Design – 85%
  • VueJs – 85%
  • Database Design – 95%
  • Business Administration – 95%

From Our Clients

Here are the testimonials of some of the people we’ve been opportune to work with over the years.

“I’ve always been skeptical about outsourcing work. But ever since I was referred to LWC, it turned out to be my go-to-place.”

Doris Olaoluwa

Operation Manager, Rutone Ltd

“LWC has proven to be a place of results. They always deliver.”

Joseph G.

CEO, Challengemoi

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